Car Shopping

Mathematics and Statistics Learning Outcomes:
You will learn how to:
1. Identify costs associated with purchasing a car.
2. Research, analyze and evaluate different car prices, insurance options, and on road costs.
3. Present information regarding your car choices and discuss the decision you made.
4. Operate within a budget.
5. Evaluate the success of the task.

The Learning Context:

In this unit you will have the chance to “spend” $6000 of my money on a car for yourself and present your learning using a range of graphs.

You will have to research different types of cars and their prices. You will also have to investigate various insurance options, registration prices, and costs for used car safety tests. You may also look into purchasing extra items for their vehicle such as mag wheels, stereo systems, seat covers, etc.

You will need look at all possible car options and establish your own criteria to make your decisions. Sacrifices may need to be made.

You will then make a presentation to share with the class showing what you found out and which vehicle you have decided to buy.
The presentation must include a budget which shows where the money will be spent. It should also incorporate the use of photos, graphs and tables.
You will search for suitable cars on the Internet, in newspapers, in the car magazines I have provided for each group, etc. Some of you might visit the car yards in the weekend with your parents.

Websites for cars for sale in NZ:
Vehicle Licensing and Registration,

Car Insurance

Used Car Safety Ratings.