Champions Against Bullying: Get resources to combat bullying.
Children and Media: This article defines Cyber Bullying and gives great tips on how to handle the situation if you are being cyber bullied.
Combat Bullying: This site is packed with great resources to help students, parents and teachers alike.
Common Sense: This site is packed with scenarios, lesson plans, and more. Check out their main site.
CoverItLive: This site allows you to invite students to have an online conversation. You can assign someone to filter conversation before it appears in the dialogue. If you trust your audience, you can make the conversation more fluid by not having the comments go through a filter. See the instructional video on how to use CoverItLive.

Creative Commons: Check out this site to determine what music is free to use for educational projects that might be published. If you don't publish your presentations, you have less restrictions.
Do Something: This site is a great resource to inform people about bullying. Check out some quick facts on bullying.
Groundspark: "GroundSpark creates visionary films and dynamic educational campaigns that move individuals and communities to take action for a more just world."
Home Security: This site has some great tips and resources to help young students stay safe.
Internet Safety for Kids: This site has more great tips for kids to stay safe online.
iSafe: This is a nationally known organization that helps prevent Cyber Bullying.
Is Your Child Sexting? What Parents Need to Know: This article defines sexting and talks about consequences of sexting.
JewelBeat: This site allows you to use songs in projects for 99 cents. It has great music to stir emotion in projects. Once the student purchases the song, they can publish their work that incorporates the music from JewelBeat. They would need to credit JewelBeat for the right to use the music.
Job Seekers, Watch Your Walls--Employers Check Facebook: This article gives insight about how employers use Facebook or other social networks to determine if they want to hire candidates and also to let employees go if they are inappropriate on a social network.
Netiquette: This site has great tips on netiquette provided by Education.com.
Netsmartz: This site has a wealth of statistics of online concerns.
One Colorado: "One Colorado is a statewide advocacy organization dedicated to securing and protecting equality and opportunity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Coloradans and their families."
Online Etiquette: Get great tips that will help you communicate better online without offending people.
Opsound: Get copyright friendly music for your multi-media presentation. Make sure to credit the sound source and make sure the artist is fine with you using their music.
Safe Kids: This site has great tips on how to deal with cyber bullies.
Safe2Tell: This site provides resources and support for kids that feel threatened. It can help save a life.
Safety Tips for Tweens and Teens: Get tips that could keep you safe online.
Stand Up to Bullies: This site provides great tips to stand up to bullies.
Teen Sexting Tips: This article has great information about sexting.
Tips to Stop Cyberbullying: This site has great tips if you are every being bullied online





You will learn more about your digital footprint and the amount of media usage you achieve daily. In the process you will also compare your media usage with your classmates.

The first step in this Quest is to become more knowledgeable about your current footprint and reflect (write) about what you think your own digital footprint includes. You will have a survey to complete as part of this.

Your third step will consist of working collaboratively with others on presenting a graph of your group's total media usage over an afternoon/evening. Good luck on the challenge in front of you!


1. What is your footprint?

  • A. Visit the Common Sense Media video about the impact of Digital Footprints.

  • B. Next take a visit to the Digital Footprints website in the U.K. at Kidsmart and watch the video and read the Top tips list (this site works best in the Firefox browser).

  • it will open in a new window which you can close and return here.

  • Click here for the survey results.

  • E. Write a 5-6 sentence paragraph about the role media plays in your life.
    • Discuss what type of media (internet, cell phones, video games, etc.) creates your digital footprint.

F. Save your document as Digital Footprint Quest 1 in your