TERM 4 Homework

1. Read for 20 minutes each night - your choice.

2. Basic facts learning - we are testing in the next two weeks - see how much you can achieve.

3. Finish your sustainability study to a high standard.

4. Complete your science badge (for those of you still to do so).


You will need to make sure that any work towards your study and presentation is to high standard.

1. All written work must in your own words

2. You must use titles and sub titles.

3. Think about layout and composition - remember to view the video about this on Ultranet if you are unsure what this means.

4. All illustrations to a year 7 level - care and attention taken eg lines ruled, shading has no gaps, images and colour are used for effect etc.

5. You must provide evidence of your references (at LEAST TWO) at the bottom of your work (That means any websites you visited or books you read to find key information)


The PROCESS of learning IS as important as the learning itself - the answer is the least important thing - what is most important is how you come to that conclusion. :)

I have not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work”
Quote attributed to Thomas Edison http://www.wikiquotes.org

Homework - What's in it for you!!!

Homework is practising and developing our learning at school in your own home.
Research into homework (Hattie) indicates that reading and basic facts, as well as tasks that are directly related to your learning at school, can have a POWERFUL POSITIVE effect on your learning and increase your achievement !!!!!!!

Therefore, any activities that we have for homework are linked to what we do in our classroom as well as reading and basic facts practice.

This way homework will help you:
enhance your learning
get in the reading habit and - READ READ READ
put information into your own words
become a critical thinker

Past Homework

Term 3

Science badges

Check out the following link to help you with your times tables

how to learn your tables video

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