Here is the end credits sequence from the movie 'The Other Guys'. Despite it being a comedy, these credits have a powerful message.

Powerful People.

What is power?
Who has it?
How do people acquire power?
How is power used/misused?
Why are these people powerful? In what ways?
What aspects of the South Way do these people demonstrate?

What are the consequences for communities and societies when power is used inappropriately?

How are the South Way values important to society?

How can power change the world?

Check out these sites:

New Zealanders


Big idea:
Your Essential Questions:
What is power?
Who gives power?
Who has power?
How is power defined?
Is anyone every really powerless?
What is the difference between power to and power over?
What power is most visible in our school?
What are the limits of power?

Power Activities from Humanities Quest:

What are some possible Supporting Questions?
How will we define power?
How do we view power?
What type of power are we looking at?
What gives groups power to and or power over?
What are various types of power- economic, social, authoritarian, personal, group,influence, military? and how do they manifest themselves?

Robert Mugabe:


Robert Mugabe has been the President of Zimbabwe for around 28 years.

Go to this website to read a brief profile about Robert Mugabe.

Watch the following 5 minute clip and then answer the following questions.

a) How was Robert Mugabe originally viewed by the people of ZImbabwe?

b) What is your opinion of him?

c) Write some questions you have about him.

1. You can copy and paste these questions into a word document to answer the questions above. Type full sentences.

2. You may then join in the class discussion about Robert Mugabe by clicking on the discussion tab.

Each pair is expected to contribute at least one comment below. Use ONLY your first name. :)