As chief engineers on this project your team is required to create the following:

1. A floor plan for your dream house
Which includes:
A key (map legend)
A scale (you can use one math book square to one metre)
Various details, such as furniture,windows, and doors.
Windows doors etc
2. An elevation of your dream house
Demonstrating the 3d shapes that your house is made of
Showing all details such as roof, cladding, windows etc

3. Measurement of volumes, floor space and areas of all parts of the house
You will need to read the information about formulas and 3Dshapes to be able to do this

4. A ‘scale model’ of your dream house in 3D.

Watch the following video for some tips:

Watch the follow video for information on drawing 3D shapes:

Look at the following video about American Designer Frank Lloyd Wright

Try the school design task at this website:

You can view the winners of the school design competition here: