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Math Class Reflection Questions:

1. What is the smallest number you have used this year?

The smallest number I have used this year is.......

2. How small is the smallest number you think you understand?
The smallest number I understand is......... because........

3. What would you measure or describe using this number?
I would measure it ........

4. What rich learning did you do in maths today?
I learned.......

5. What thinking did you do in maths today?
I used.........

6. How did you show the South Way in maths today?
I showed the South Way by......

7. How has your understanding of fractions/decimals/arithmagons developed?

I now understand that............

8. Use the one of the six thinking hats to reflect on maths today.

9. What topics (s) in mathematics do you most like? Least like? Why?

10. Is it possible to get the right answer to a mathematics problem and still not understand the problem? Explain.

11. If given a choice, when solving a problem would you prefer to have one method that works all the time or many methods that work all the time? Explain.

12. If you and a friend got different answers to the same problem, what would you do?

13. Do you suppose Pizza Hut has a mathematician on its corporate staff? What might that person do for Pizza Hut?

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Ms McCombe's Maths Class members - Add your reflection comments on the smallest number you have used this year AND the smallest number you think you understand, to the comment box for other students to discuss. Make sure you explain WHY.

*Remember use only your first name.
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