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As readers we are learning to find key words AND use the seven servants to unlock main ideas in texts we read.

This means we can:
1. Look for - Who? is in the news
What? is happening
Where? is it happening
When? is it happening
and also
Why? and How? is it happening

2. Highlight Key Words in the text that gives us that information and unlock the meaning.

3. Remember to be a critical reader - think about the author of the news article. What world views do you think they have? How are they representing the news?

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Look who is visiting our shores


22 June 2011

A young male emperor penguin has travelled far from his normal habitat to visit our shores.
People in Kapiti have been gathering on the beach to have a look at the new visitor. He seems really at ease with all the attention and lies around relaxing. Locals have are working together to ensure that the young penguin is kept safe on the beach - by arranging informal patrols for daylight hours.
People are asked not to go within 5 metres of the penguin and also not to block his exit to the sea.

Today in History


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Today in History


Jockey Y-fronts hit NZ shops

Beofre 1940 men's underwear was woolly and covered you up from ankles to elbows. It wasn't very comfortable, so the new Y-fronts which were launched in 1940 quickly became very popular with men in New Zealand!!

Article Sourced from - nzhistory.net

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Mark Todd claims Badminton 31 years after first win

Mark Todd and horse NZB Land Vision at Badminton overnight. Photo / AP
Mark Todd and horse NZB Land Vision at Badminton overnight. Photo / AP
Expand==Mark Todd and horse NZB Land Vision at Badminton overnight. Photo / AP==

On Monday Mark Todd picked up his third win at Badminton. He has made history by becoming the oldest person to win the 3 day event. He won the event on a horse called Land Vision who has not competed at the elite four star level before.

Going into the show jumping round, less than four penalties - the equivalent of one fence down separated the top 12 riders. Mark Todd passed the pack with a clear round and rode into first place.

Mark Todd complemented his horse stating he thought it was one of the best horses in the world.

Article sourced from NZ Herald

H2 students check out this site about the Christchurch earthquake made by students at Grants Brae School. :)


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Kids' tree house has to come down says Nelson Council

Click on the following link to find out more about the Nelson Council deeming a tree house unsafe.


What do you think? Most importantly WHY do you think that? (Justify your opinion)

NZ USAR Team home from Japan

52 members of our rescue team have returned to Auckland this morning after spending the last week searching for survivors of the tsunami in Japan. They are really tired after weeks working in Christchurch and also from their time in Japan. The devastation they reported was enormous, with cities and towns looking like 'piles of sticks' as they moved towards them to work.


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Campbell Cairns cuddles his kids Lewis, left, and Cooper as wife Ronnie and daughter Jess look on. The  USAR team has arrived back at Auckland International Airport after a week in the earthquake and tsunami ravaged Japan. Photo / NZPA
Campbell Cairns cuddles his kids Lewis, left, and Cooper as wife Ronnie and daughter Jess look on. The USAR team has arrived back at Auckland International Airport after a week in the earthquake and tsunami ravaged Japan. Photo / NZPA

Christchurch Memorial Service

Tens of thousands of people, many wearing red and black, turned out at Hagley Park for the Memorial Service today including Prince WIlliam who had travelled all the way from England to be with us. Prince William spoke on behalf of his grandmother the Queen, relaying her thoughts and adding his own. He ended with a simple message - Kia Kaha. People at the service stood for two minutes silence at 12:51 to honour those who had lost their lives. Balloons in Canterbury's colours floated up at the same time.

Both the Mayor and the Prime Minister spoke, giving messages of grief as well as challenges for the future to make meaning for our loss.

People reported that the service was really moving and gave them alot of hope as it spoke of the future and rebuilding.


Pictures from the service

The Herald

Massive Earthquake and Tsunami hits the Japanese Coast. :(

On Friday night, NZ time, a massive earthquake (8,000 times stronger than the earthquake on the 22 February 2011 in our city) occurred off the coast of Japan.I'm sure that many of you people in H2 were glued to the television like our family, watching in horror at the tragic events unfolded!

The earthquake was so powerful it was equivalent to about 3,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs. The earthquake that struck Friday off the coast of Japan moved the island of Honshu 2.4 metres to the east and sped up the Earth's rotation by 1.6 microseconds, making the day just a little shorter, scientists said (A microsecond is one-millionth of a second).

A preliminary study by the Italian Institute of Geology and Volcanology indicates the quake may have shifted the Earth's rotation axis by 10cm, said Antonio Piersanti. click here

Rescue Teams on the Move

A Japanese team of around 67 rescuers who spent more than two weeks scouring the rubble left by last month's 6.3 magnitude quake in our city, are now on their way back to Japan. New Zealand is sending 48 men from its USAR ( Urban Search and Rescue Team) to assist the Japanese rescue operations and the United States said it was sending close to 150 rescue workers to the disaster zone, among them a team from Los Angeles that had returned from New Zealand only two days ago.



Our Prime Minister John Key held a short press conference today giving his condolences to the quake and tsunami victims and explained how New Zealand will give assistance to Japan. click here
Japan's northeastern coast was a swampy wasteland of broken houses, overturned cars, sludge and dirty water as the nation awoke to the of a powerful tsunami created by one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded. click here
An animation showing the spread of the tsunami across the Pacific Ocean. click here
Satellite pictures with a slider to show areas of coastal Japan before and after the tsunami. Click here

Photos below are from the Daily Maill

Stretching into the distance, waves caused by the tsunami pour over the coastline and rush inland swamping all before them. As the seawater passes over the land it mixes with the soil and begins to change colour to a dark brown


Helpless: A ship, dwarfed by the sheer size of the whirlpool, is drawn ever closer towards the vortex as is tossed about in the foaming waters off the port of Oarai, Ibaraki


This extraordinary image shows how the quake split this road in Satte on the island of Honshu right down the middle.

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Scientists find Jurassic era creatures

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