Novel Reading Reflection Questions:

Our novel is "The Fat Man" by Maurice Gee

Text purpose
What is this text about? How do we know?
Who do you think would be most likely to read and/or view this text and why?
Why do you think are we reading and/or viewing this text?
What does the author of the text want us to know/think?

Textual structures and features
What are the structures and features of the text?
What sort of genre does the text belong to?What kind of language is used in the text?
What does the cover image suggest?
What do the words suggest?

Construction of characters
How are the children constructed in this text?
How are the adults constructed in this text?
Why do you think that has the author of the text represented the characters in a particular way?
Gaps and silences
Are there ‘gaps’ and ‘silences’ in the text?
Who is missing from the text?
What has been left out of the text?
What questions about itself does the text not raise?

Power and interest
In whose interest is the text?
Who benefits from the text?
Is the text fair? Why do you think this?
What knowledge does the reader/viewer need to bring to this text in order to understand it?
Which positions, voices and interests are at play in the text?
How is the reader or viewer positioned in relation to the composer of the text?
How does the text depict age, gender and/or cultural groups?
Whose views are excluded or privileged in the text?
Who is allowed to speak? Who is quoted?
Why is the text written the way it is?

Whose view: whose reality?
What view of the world is the text presenting?
What kinds of social realities does the text portray?
How does the text construct a version of reality?
What is real in the text?
How would the text be different if it were told in another time, place or culture?
Interrogating the author
What kind of person, and with what interests and values, wrote the text?
What view of the world and values does the author of the text assume that the
reader/viewer holds? How do we know?