Your task is to write and prepare to give a 3 minute speech that will entertain your audience

(H2 and other year 7s)
Your speech must include the quote:

‘There is no such thing as a perfect leader.’
It can be on any topic but must include the quote. J

Possible topics might be:

The Power of Leadership

Great Leaders in History
Qualities of a great leader
Leading with Compassion
Becoming a leader

You can however brainstorm any idea you like as long as your speech includes the quote.

Use the checklist below to make sure that you have prepared your speech well.

Your speech will need to include:
  • a beginning that clearly tells the audience what you will be speaking about,
  • a middle that expands and gives examples or more information
an end that captures the audience.

A helpful checklist

Have you:
- prepared cue cards to help you remember the main points of your speech?
- practised speaking with a clear voice?
- practised speaking without reading from your cue cards?
- timed your speech so that it fits into the set time?

Does your speech:
- have a beginning, middle, and end?

- entertain or interest for my audience?

external image insert_table.gif