Winter Photos

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How to take a great photo

Snow STORM Photo & Poetry Challenge

Snow is heaped upon us - it's the photo opportunity of your lifetime.

Your task is to take a photo and write a short poem which outlines what the winter snow means to you and bring them to school so we can display them on our classroom wall.

A professional photographer will judge prints on concept, mood,

colour and composition (my Dad ;) ).

Your English teacher will judge the poem on

content and ideas, language features, structure and mood (me).


- each print is size 5” by 7” or larger and printed on photo paper.
- each print is an original photo that you have taken yourself.
- each print must be displayed by September 1st.


- Each poem must be presented in publishable format.

- It must have a border and a picture which is a powerful image from the poem.

- You must include at least one of the language features that we have been learning about - eg simile, metaphor, alliteration etc.